About Auditory Cortex

What is AC

AC is a website about the research of auditory cortex through specific software.

Who is it addressed to?

It is a website which it could be interesting to researcher, professionals of the health and all kind of public interested on the topic.

What are we doing?

In AC we want to know what it are the neuronal properties of this area and how it works cognitively regards the information from auditory input both in healthy and pathology brains. With this information it could be possible make rehabilitation with technology in IA-based.

At AC we do not work directly with animal experimentation, but we take the data collected in these laboratories and we use different technologies to work with them and answer hypotheses. On the other hand, computational modelling allows us to know and "imitate" the neural connections that our brain creates during auditory processing, especially that of language. At AC we continue to training to making this possible.

What is the finality?

AC seeks to become a tecnological lab of research on auditory cortex to deepening the knowledge of this brain area and to be able to respond to many of the needs presented by the population with deficits in auditory processing.

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