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The world is evolving thanks to the science which it has been the builder of advances in all areas surrounds us, especially in technology and health. Bronfenbrenner showed in his Bio-ecological model that the development of the human being it is influenced by several systems: biological (biological factors), psychological (experiences and environmental conditions) and social (immediate context of an individual, socio-historical conditions ...). The interactions of each person are the crossroads of each of these systems that have been shaped and established in a different way, giving rise to human variability and enrichment of societies.

Throughout learning, especially in science, these interactions occur frequently and without borders once the language barrier has been overcome. Vigosky established in his model that, for an individuals’ optimal learning, the zone of proximal development should be between what they know and what they should know. Likewise, during the exchange of ideas and data in an environment of respect and trust, we are all mentors and learners at the same time with a common goal: solutions. That is because the science should be open and accessible to all people, facilitating learning and the excellent science.

Auditory Cortex is a friendly space where you can find information on neuroscience, auditory processing, technology, cognition and language, among others. We want to share information with those people who are interested in these topics and we hope that the information presented here is of interest to you. If you need to contact us, you can do so through our contact form.

Cognition Language


In this section you will be able to finding information about the language and cognition, especially: 

  • The different areas of the language.
  • Cognitive processing of the language.
  • Lingüístic models. 


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